Strawberry smoothie bowl with 30 g protein

Erdbeer Smoothiebowl mit 30 g Protein

Fresh, fruity and rich in protein. Our recipe of the week is a strawberry smoothie bowl with organic pasture whey protein . Thanks to a balanced nutrient composition , the bowl provides you with long-term satiety and light energy for all your projects.

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1/2 frozen banana
1 handful frozen Strawberries
1 handful frozen zucchini
2 tbsp pasture whey protein
1 tsp desiccated coconut
200-300 ml vegetable milk
1 tbsp collagen (optional)


Desiccated coconut, hemp seeds, linseeds, nut butter, chia seeds, cocoa nibs,...


The combination of zucchini, pasture whey & collagen makes your smoothie bowl wonderfully creamy, like “real” ice cream!

Protein Smoothie Bowl


As a smoothie bowl

Put all the ingredients in a smoothie blender: first the frozen ingredients, then the dry ingredients and finally the liquid. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

As a shake

Alternatively, you can also prepare the smoothie bowl as a shake. Add just a little more milk/water.

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Nutritional values

Per serving (excluding toppings)

295 kcal
2 g carbohydrate
30g protein
23g fat

If you don't yet know your daily protein requirements, feel free to take a look at this blog article .

Lykaia Organic Willow Whey Protein

Whey from pasture farming in Austria

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