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About us from Lykaia

About us from Lykaia

How did Lykaia actually come about?

Hello, I'm Jana, co-founder of Lykaia. It all started with my fitness career, when I became intensively involved in nutrition and shared my recipes and lifestyle via Instagram. The “Protein Goatmeal” was one of those recipes that helped me stay in shape during my competition diets. It therefore quickly found favor with other people who also want to stay in shape (pretty much everyone).

Soon I was just mixing goat meals for friends and acquaintances. Back then it was still in my own kitchen. After completing my bachelor's degree in natural sciences, I decided to pursue a master's degree in the field of technical entrepreneurship. Of course, that played into my hands and I soon had the idea of ​​turning the breakfast mix and my love for high-quality, functional nutrition into something more.

So I set out with the Protein Goatmeal in a preserving jar, prepared in color and consistency like a stool sample. I pitched it to jury members from accelerators and received support from startup Innolab and Quh-Lab Food Safety, among others.

When I presented my product at a startup competition in Dortmund, I met Robin. He was previously a co-founder of a startup in which they produced fitness bars from insect protein. Because of the food law legislation at the time, it was difficult to sell products containing insects on the German market. They weren't really in demand at the time of his startup (yet).

Robin joined in and we founded Lykaia-Nutrition GbR together at the beginning of 2020. We benefited from his experience in the startup sector and what you see from us today emerged from our shared experiences. We develop our products with intelligence and nature's most nutrient-rich ingredients. For us, these are the two most important characteristics in our startup, because the market is overloaded with bad products that don't really help anyone. We honestly want to do better. We don't want to serve a mass market, but rather focus on quality. We are growing slowly but steadily and mainly through recommendations from our satisfied customers. We are still a two-man operation and work with freelancers and influencers as best we can.

We have already been to biohacking fairs, startup events, goat farms, oat fields and Finnish forests for Lykaia. We use nature not only in our products but also as inspiration for our design because we love the forest and everything it has in store for us. That’s why we call ourselves @lykaiaforest on Instagram. We believe that a healthy body also needs a healthy environment. We therefore try to keep our packaging and future transport routes as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are working on additional high-quality, alternative protein sources. The A2 casein, which also contains the Goatmeal protein, is already one of them and now accounts for the majority of our sales. In the future, we are planning a mycoprotein and products with functional mushrooms, such as Reishi or Chaga. These medicinal mushrooms have an ancient history and have been used for ages in various cultures as natural medicine and performance optimizers. This and much more is planned for the future and of course we try to take into account all the ideas that our customers have. Because we want to create good products that can honestly help not only us, but also other people.

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Then please write to us or leave a comment. We look forward to every exciting idea and every honest opinion!