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Lösliches Kaffeepulver mit funktionellen Pilzen
  • Focus through Lion's Mane
  • Energy with Cordyceps
  • pour in water
  • only 40 mg of caffeine
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This is what others say about forest coffee

More focus, more energy

The taste is gentle and dark and remarkably crash-free thanks to functional mushroom extracts. Our forest coffee consists of a water-soluble coffee powder with functional mushroom extracts from Lion's Man and Cordyceps. This makes for a deliciously balanced brew for the brain and body that gives you all the things you love about coffee, but without the caffeine crash and jitters.

Why Lion's Mane and Cordyceps?

Lion's Mane has been shown to benefit concentration in several scientific studies. It has been shown to aid in the regeneration of nerve cells and can therefore contribute to cognitive performance.

It is not for nothing that Cordyceps is popular with Olympic athletes as a natural doping agent - scientific research has shown that it can increase oxygen uptake and stimulate blood circulation. Together they are the perfect combination to get the maximum potential out of you. If you've ever drunk forest coffee, you know what we're talking about!

Customer Reviews

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Nora Gottbrath
Ein hervorragendes Produkt!

Der Waldkaffee hat einen sehr angenehmen und ausgewogenen Geschmack. Ich trinke ihn am liebsten nachmittags, weil er ich dann die konzentrationsfördernde Wirkung der Pilze genießen kann, ohne zu viel Koffein zu mir zu nehmen.

Dirk Lins

Top Produkte 👍

Letizia Fürderer


Gries Emma

Ich geb dem Waldkaffee 5 Sterne. Er ist sehr lecker und der Kaffee hilft mir meinen stressigen Altag zu meistern.
Meine kleine Auszeit am Tag :-)

Tine Baltscheit
Eine echte Alternative

Super einfach, wirklich lecker.