Can I also bake the goat meal in the oven?

Yes, sure, that works too. It is best to bake in an ovenproof dish at 180°C for 10 to 15 minutes.


Isn't protein just for athletes?

No! Protein not only ensures the strength of our muscles, but is also important for endurance, for a balanced blood sugar level and brain metabolism, for the health of the nervous system, for rapid healing and detoxification and many other things that make up a healthy life.
Everything that happens at the microscopic cellular level of our body requires protein and proteins are even of great importance for bone growth.
Proteins can also be neurotransmitters or their precursors, and in this form they enable the complex communication processes in our body.
As you can see, protein should be made the cornerstone of everyone's daily diet. A diet rich in protein protects against disease and ensures that the body's processes run smoothly. This is not a new hype diet or some marketing trend, this is science!

Will I gain weight if I don't exercise?

Okay, first of all: GO EXERCISE!!111 This is part of a healthy lifestyle and ensures that your body functions as evolution intended.
....But if you are injured or just don't feel like it, don't worry, you won't gain weight from our goat meal, you'll lose weight. The reason is simple: Casein makes you feel full for an extremely long time (also a property of protein, which is more important in casein due to its structure). This means you don't reach for snacks or other calorie-dense foods. This means you simply consume fewer calories than you burn, which leads to healthy weight regulation.

Can I lose weight with goatmeal?

That's exactly what it's designed for! This product was born in a bodybuilding competition diet, simply because Jana was no longer in the mood for deprivation of pleasure. This means that the goat meal is not only optimized down to the last calorie but is also really chocolaty and delicious. We're not talking about "pseudo-diet-chocolate" here, no, the full program. Full-bodied, hot, chocolaty chocolate. Convince yourself!


Does goatmeal contain lactose?

Yes. Because we use a casein, i.e. a goat MILK protein, it contains residual lactose components. If you suffer from lactose intolerance you should not eat our product.


Why is coconut blossom sugar better than regular sugar?

It is known that normal household sugar, consumed in large quantities, is unhealthy and a vitamin robber, that it can cause tooth decay and, if consumed in large quantities over a long period of time, can also make you sick. It feeds the bad intestinal bacteria and impoverishes the good ones.
That's why we rely on unrefined, naturally sourced coconut blossom sugar. This is obtained from the sap of the inflorescence of coconut palms and contains many vitamins of the B group, plenty of vitamin C and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron, a lot of potassium, manganese, boron, copper and phosphorus, natural antioxidants and important amino acids (especially glutamine). It is ideal for those with fructose intolerance as its type of sugar is sucrose. Coconut blossom sugar has a moderate inuslin effect (glycemic index of 35). Nevertheless, the same applies here: always enjoy in moderation, which is why we only use 7g per pack.

Does it taste like goat?

No, if you prepare it according to our recommendation (with 120-150ml water) you won't taste the goat protein. However, if you use cow's milk or plant-based milk, the goat may come through a bit, similar to a mild goat cheese. If you're not into goat, then it's better to stick with water, because that's what the product is designed for, has the least calories and achieves the perfect consistency when baked.


Can I also mix the goat meal with boiling or hot water?

Yes, of course! Hot water causes the oatmeal to swell more quickly. You will then receive a porridge-like chocolate or maca-cinnamon porridge relatively quickly.