With Goatmeal to the stage

Mit Goatmeal zur Bühnenform

Do you actually know the story behind the goat meal?

an article by pumping_hoernchen

The Goatmeal grew out of my fitness career. During my competition diet for the "Bikini Athlete" class, I was looking for a low-calorie but long-filling breakfast.

Most fitness athletes and bodybuilders therefore eat oat curls with whey protein for breakfast. I started that way too, but quickly realized that this breakfast wasn't good for me, apart from the fact that it tasted like warmed up cardboard. I switched from cheaply produced protein powders to a casein, which at least kept me full for longer. However, my symptoms and constant bloating in the evenings didn't get any better. "That couldn't be the case in the long term," I thought to myself and found out more: Most protein powders are often produced of poor quality and contain flavor enhancers, sweeteners or flavors. In addition, the protein contained in cow's milk can cause significant problems, especially for people with a sensitive intestine and a tendency to thyroid diseases.

There are still a few cow breeds that produce so-called more original A2 milk, which does not cause these problems. This also includes goat's milk and sheep's milk. I tested this out for myself and actually. If I only consumed dairy products made from A2 milk, my symptoms stopped. Great!

For my breakfast I was looking for a protein powder made from A2 milk, which - as I discovered - wasn't available anywhere yet. So I took it into my own hands and contacted goat farms and goat milk distributors. It wasn't easy because goat and sheep milk are more scarce than cow's milk. This is partly because goats and sheep are not bred as highly as cows and require more space to be kept - just as a healthy animal should. It took a long time, but wasn't impossible and here it is: the first breakfast with a protein made from A2 milk!

Especially in the beginning, I helped many athletes who were also looking for a well-tolerated protein. Only later did it become clear that autoimmune sufferers in particular benefit from the A2 protein and are grateful to finally be able to enjoy milk protein again without any symptoms.

This is how Lykaia was born, starting with a sticky breakfast of oatmeal, this goatmeal was perfected into an airy, fluffy oatmeal with a protein made from A2 goat's milk. But don't worry, it doesn't taste like goat! (We actually get asked this all the time at Lykaia.) The A2 protein itself is neutral and I eat the goat meal in the "nice chocolatey" version with cocoa powder or with maca root powder and Ceylon cinnamon, because then it tastes like a freshly baked Nordic cinnamon roll!

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