Chaga for better skin and more energy

Chaga für bessere Haut und mehr Energie

When it comes to antioxidants , the Chaga mushroom is clearly the king of functional mushrooms. One teaspoon of powdered Chaga mushroom contains the same amount of antioxidants as 600 blueberries or 180 carrots. Pretty impressive, right? There is simply nothing out there, deep in Mother Nature's forests, that compares to the healing properties of the Chaga mushroom. It is precisely for this reason that Chaga has been a proven remedy for thousands of years and is now even used in antibiotics.

So what can you expect from a daily cup of chaga? Click here to find out more about the natural and high-quality Finnish Lykaia Chaga powder extract!

Chaga for clear skin

Everyone knows that blueberries and foods rich in antioxidants in general can do wonders for clear skin. It's hard to believe, but chaga is packed with antioxidants like no other natural "superfood" in the world. It also contains melanin , which not only gives it its extremely dark color, but can also protect your skin from sun damage and environmental influences .

Cup of Chaga tea for relaxation

Chaga for your immune system

In the cold season we are more susceptible to colds and infections. Your body has to use a lot of energy to keep the immune system strong . So before the next wave of colds hits you, we recommend: make a cup of chaga a central part of your defense strategy. If you include this nutrient-rich mushroom in your daily routine, you will provide your body with over 200 different minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that effectively protect you against illnesses and infections. Think of Chaga as a cardio workout for your immune system and your personal protector and amplifier.

Lykaia Chaga Elixir - The Chaga extract as a powder


Chaga for more energy

Are you trying to reduce your caffeine or coffee consumption ? Chaga might be able to help you. Rich in invigorating polysaccharides, it gives you a natural energy boost that's slow-release and doesn't have the sharp "kick" we know so well from our morning coffee. This makes Chaga the perfect choice for an energy boost before training. It gives you the clean, essential energy you need to power through a long workout or endurance run without having to reach for a sugary energy drink.

Read more about 6 benefits of mushroom coffee here. Maybe it's worth it for you to rely on the natural energy of mushrooms?

Chaga mushroom in the forest

The finely ground Chaga can be drunk like black coffee, although it tastes much milder and earthier. Our Chaga Elixie r has already been extracted twice and then dried, so all you have to do is pour hot water on it.

Chaga is versatile. Did you know that the Chaga mushroom saves, among other things, the Finnish forests? You can read more about this here.

On our Lykaia Instagram channel we have published several reels in which your chaga can be turned into matcha , a chaga latte or high-energy snacks within just a few minutes.

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