Whey Protein: Why it's best pure!

Whey Protein: Warum es pur am Besten ist!

written by Jana Baltscheit

If you're a fitness enthusiast, health-oriented, or even remotely close to someone who can spell the words "sport," "muscle," "fitness," or "strength training," then you've probably heard of the magic drink, "whey" protein Shake. Many – I would add – endless myths revolve around this supposed miracle cure. But what is pure whey protein anyway, what are its benefits and how do you get pure and natural whey protein powder?

If you have already asked yourself these questions or are not completely clear about the benefits of pure whey protein, then read on. We create clarity in the protein forest for you, briefly and succinctly!

Pure whey protein: often the best source of protein!

Whey protein has now established itself as an integral part of the fitness and bodybuilding scene. It is also becoming increasingly common in the everyday diet of many health-conscious people. As the topic of daily protein requirements becomes more prominent, the practical protein powder is becoming increasingly popular with everyone.

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Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese making and is obtained from whey, which is produced when milk is soured. It is a rich source of protein that contains all essential amino acids. Due to the optimal amino acid profile, it is particularly easy to digest, provided you do not have a whey intolerance.

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Pure whey protein is an excellent source of high-quality and readily available protein that supports muscle building, muscle maintenance and regeneration. In the practical powder form, you can always carry it with you, quickly turn it into a whey protein shake or add it to almost any recipe.

With the possibilities and simplicity comes a well-known problem of modern times: the variety of products! With so many different whey protein products on the market, it can be difficult to see the differences between options, keep perspective, and make the right choice.

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Which whey protein powder should you use?

Well, don't despair, the answer is...

Pure whey protein – purity is important

The problem is that many manufacturers today use tons of additives in supposedly pure whey protein. Even though the lovingly designed labels often advertise “100% whey protein”, “pure whey protein”, “whey protein” or similar, you will find a lot of exciting ingredients on the ingredients list.

Can we still talk about pure whey protein?

Maybe after looking at the list of ingredients for the “100% Whey Protein Powder” you have the following questions in mind:

1. Are all the additives necessary?

a. Our well-reflected, yet careful and differentiated, very detailed answer, formed over months and years of research, discussions, insights and considerations: NO! 😊

2. Why are there so many additives in the whey protein powder of many manufacturers?

a.   Well, pure whey protein comes at a price. Many manufacturers want to make the best possible profit. Should this be condemned categorically? No! At least this way you can supply a wide range of customers. But you have to know that the low price is often guaranteed by inferior raw materials.

3. Is this the only reason for additives in supposedly pure whey protein?

a. No, there are others:

i. Different tastes are made possible by flavorings.

ii. In general, sweeteners are intended to “improve” the taste.

iii. Durability is increased.

4. Is this bad for me?

a. Very clear and thoroughly reflected JAIN from us! The quantity makes the poison.

5. Does the product have 110% content if it already advertises 100% whey protein and the 10% on top are additives?

a. We don't know that either - we (and obviously the other manufacturers) are not mathematicians. Because if it says 100% pure whey protein, there can't be anything else in it, right? 😉

b. Joking aside: it is definitely no longer pure whey protein powder!

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Really pure whey protein – what sets it apart?

Compare the ingredient lists of many manufacturers (for example on the big A platform, which sounds like a well-known river... oh yes Anil or Arhein or, oh, you know what I mean) with the Lykaia Whey Protein: one ingredient. That's it. No tricks, no flavor enhancers. 100% organic quality. Purity through pasture-raised cows. Yes, you can tell - we're proud of it.

Another benefit of organic whey protein? It is “tasteless”. Well, largely. What does that entail? Instead of the hipster taste “ Latin Strawberry Dark Side Of The Moon Forest Yoghurt Straciattella Daiquiri Caramel Toffee ”, with really pure whey protein you have the whey flavor - nothing else. This means you can mix it into any recipe. So you don't have to worry that your protein rolls will taste like " Australian strawberry notes in ginger slices and a sweet kiwi-apple-elderberry note ."

Quality has its price. Your health too. How do you pay?

Pure whey protein – not just benefits for people!

Organic whey protein comes from organically produced milk, whose production adheres to strict ecological standards. Organic farms must meet strict requirements to be certified as such. These include, among other things, the use of organic feed without pesticides and chemicals, the promotion of animal health through natural methods and the avoidance of the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. This ensures that organic whey protein is free of residues of pesticides, chemicals and hormones.

Benefits of Organic Whey Protein:

  • Higher environmental and animal welfare standards
  • Free from pesticide, chemical and hormone residues
  • Often higher nutrient content through better feeding practices

Pure whey protein – our conclusion

As a manufacturer of high-quality and natural products, we do not simply offer pure whey protein. We are aware of the advantages. Health is a good that should not be questioned. Even though our bodies are very resilient, especially if we are talking about a sustainable diet and want to stay fit in the long term, we should at least rely on high-quality and natural foods. You shouldn't think twice, especially when it comes to protein, which is so important to us.

What are your experiences with protein powders? Have you ever had the opportunity to use pure whey protein? Have you tried it as a shake or mixed into recipes?

Share your experiences with us – we look forward to reading from you! 😊